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“ Dr. Lerner's practice is well above a 5 star rating but Google won't allow it. From the moment you pick up the phone and schedule your appointment you immediately know you picked the right dentist. As you can see from the other reviews, I am not making this up. Prior to Dr. Lerner, Root Canal was a scary word.

He really takes the time to explain the issue, explain his course of action and throughout the whole procedure he makes sure you are feeling no pain. After the procedure, he even takes the time to check on you. Can you believe that?? A physician picks up the phone to check on you after a procedure. In my 41 years on this earth I have only experienced this one other time.

Dr. Lerner and Barbara are truly one of a kind, not just from a medical practice standpoint but genuinely good souls. I implore you to venture no further for your Endodontic needs. This is the place, these are the people. ”

Michael Damiani

Dr. Grande and his staff are top notch. I'm one of many who has been negligent in my dental care primarily because of fear. Dr. Grande is working with me to develop a long term plan and I we're making progress. They're pricing is reasonable. Don't let the Palm Beach address fool you.


“ If your trying to save your tooth, you’ve found the rite guy! I am forever grateful I didn’t need to have my tooth pulled thanks to him! Having this procedure performed saved me from having to spend a foutune on a bone graph and implant which would have taken months to fill the void. Dr. Lerner had so much compassion and was the most kind hearted, gentle dentist I’d ever gone to. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Dr. Lerner!! ”

Christina Baxter

I called early one morning with a problem and Dr. Lerner answered the phone himself and immediately agreed to see me that same day. From that first encounter, I should have realized what a wonderful, compassionate person he is. His office staff was absolutely wonderful and accommodating.

Now to the doctor himself. I cannot imagine a more skilled endodontist. There is not a problem he cannot overcome and his years of experience mean he has seen them all. I have a severe gagging problem and he dealt with it calmly and efficiently. The procedure was truly pain free and, afterwards, there was zero pain. He even went further than he had to and prepared the tooth for a crown.

That evening, he called me personally to determine that I was in no discomfort. I cannot find the proper superlatives to describe him, both as a professional and a person. He is absolutely the best.

Martin Levine

I was lucky enough to find Dr Grande about 4 years ago. He is the best dentist I have ever had....and I'm 66 years old...I have had a few. the word. I'm a 66 year old baby when it comes to a dentist. Dr Grande puts you as ease with no pain at all. I love this guy and will never leave him. When you find the stay with them.


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