How Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) Can Transform Your Sleep

Are you always tired despite a full night’s sleep? You might be dealing with common issues like snoring or sleep apnea, which disrupt your breathing at night. Consider a MAD (mandibular advancement device), which allows you to experience better and more restful sleep.



What Is sleep-disordered Breathing?


When throat tissues relax at night, they can partly block the airway, making it harder to breathe. Snorring sounds happen. The tongue slips backward, and the stuffy nose worsens the narrowing of the airway. As oxygen drops, the brain briefly wakes you up. But you will not remember this. Over time, the short wake-ups make you feel exhausted.


MADs Move the Jaw Forward


A MAD is a custom mouthpiece worn at bedtime. It shifts your lower jaw and tongue forward, creating more space in your throat. This eases the flow of air as you sleep, preventing interruptions. The device also prevents the tongue from blocking the airway. It ensures a night of uninterrupted sleep.

With a MAD, you enjoy improved airflow, allowing you to breathe freely and receive more oxygen throughout the night. With this simple, custom-made solution, you can say goodbye to disruptions and welcome peaceful, restful sleep.


Who Should Wear a MAD?


MAD therapy helps those with mild or medium sleep apnea and bothersome snoring. It does not help with central sleep apnea involving the brain. Your dentist decides if an oral device suits you based on oral health, jaw anatomy, and apnea severity. MADs also reduce nighttime tooth grinding. Using them along with other aids like nose strips works even better.


Testing Breathing Problems During Sleep


Do you often feel tired despite a whole night’s sleep? If so, it is best to share your concerns with your doctor. Discuss issues like snoring, breathing pauses, morning headaches, and mood changes. An overnight sleep lab test can detect apnea.

Your doctor may recommend oral devices before exploring extensive CPAP therapy in milder cases. Do not ignore signs of poor sleep; take steps to improve your rest and overall well-being. Your doctor is there to help you find the right solution for a refreshing night’s sleep.


The Adjustment Period


After your custom MAD arrives, your dentist ensures a proper fit. As you get used to sleeping with the MAD in place, you will feel more alert daily as restful sleep returns. Follow-up appointments help optimize fit and function. Most patients breathe easier and sleep deeper within a few weeks.


Key Advantages of MADs


MADs, unlike CPAP masks, offer a simple, portable solution to sleep problems and reduce snoring. Beyond alleviating fatigue, studies confirm they enhance mental function and lighten moods. They can also help stabilize blood pressure and lower cardiovascular risks associated with poor sleep. So, it would be best to consider the convenience of a compact tool that goes beyond addressing sleep issues for overall well-being.

If you feel tired from restless nights, get checked out. Diagnosing issues like sleep apnea matters. Custom-made MADs effectively realign the jaw to reduce airway obstruction and snoring. Smoothing out breathing leads to more oxygen and uninterrupted slumber. Quality sleep nourishes your mental and physical health, so you can succeed at all you do.

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